House & Home Stylist Reiko Caron and Builder Dave Depencier talk kitchen layouts in the first installment of the Home Kitchen Design series. They visit a 1400 sq. ft. two-bedroom open concept home in Dresden, Ontario, where they begin a step-by-step process to building a new kitchen.

1. Choose a layout

There are five basic layouts to consider when planning a new kitchen:

– One-wall Kitchen: the most compact if you have only one wall to work with
– Galley Style Kitchen: really efficient where you have 2 rows of cabinets opposite of each other
– U-shaped Kitchen: a classic because it takes advantage of the space on all 3 walls
– G-shaped Kitchen: a different take on the U-shape. It’s great if you have a wider kitchen and want to maximize counter space even more
– L-shaped Kitchen: one of the most popular layouts and you can add even more prep space by adding an island

Not all layouts work well with an open concept space, so the team decided to go with the L-shaped layout. To add more storage and work space, they decide to add an island.

When measuring for the island, make sure to leave 42” to 48” away from the cabinetry. This way, you will allow enough space for your drawers and doors to open without ever colliding.

2. Think about functionality

Think about the flow and how people are going to use the kitchen. For this reason, Reiko likes to have the island clear of the sink.

3. Decide on a style

It’s very important to have a wish list of all the items that you may or may not want in the kitchen because once you come up with the layout, you start picking and choosing what’s going to fit into your budget and what’s not.

When you want to preserve the look of the kitchen for a long time, all of the permanent or more difficult pieces to change out (like the tile and the cabinets) should be timeless. Then, a few pieces that could easily be changed out (like hardware or faucets) can add pizzazz.

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House & Home: Home Kitchen Design Pt. 1 – Kitchen Layouts
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