The greatest ideas in kitchen design sometimes just come from a first, single thought…. In the kitchen it could be “I want to cook for more people!” … “I want to say Happy Birthday with a home-made Cake!” or “ I want to show their family I’m a Great Cook!” …either way We all start to plan how things can best suit an Occasion. We want everything to be perfect, likewise we do the same in the Design.

Taking each of the clients singled-out Important requests, we mix it with practical ideas to create a Kitchen not just fit for purpose but in the process we are pushing the options and including our own flashes of Brilliance and solutions for the modern day Living space.

Eco kitchen design Hull

Nowadays we all want More storage… more Space… More Lighting… blended with lots of Time saving devices and treats like Coffee machines and Hot Taps to Spoil us in our Homes. Nowadays it is very easy to benefit from the wealth of products available via our sales team. These benefits can come at a cost but with our mature chain of supply we can save the Customer money in every area!

We can offer a Supply of Units, Appliances, a tap or just Work surfaces it’s down to you! Many customers ask us to offer a Full Turn-key Solution – Everything supplied and fitted in Full and final conclusion. To do this we can include Ceiling, wall and floor coverings, fitted and working from start to finish. Nothing is too much trouble if that is how you see the need.

Many people inherit a design or a simple solution to a problem room. Perhaps A kitchen supplied originally to meet one or two requirements… nowadays the kitchen needs much more – We have Products and Materials at all different ranges of Price, no matter what the budget we can transform the house and make it a real Home.

Colour’s represent much more of a tailored design these days – much more than ever before. We take the themes of colour very seriously and provide many different Colour’s and Materials to give greater depth to the personal design service we offer!

Worktops and Surfaces create a much needed Contrast or statement in the Modern room, materials again play an important role. We have a full in-house selection and Cutting service that helps our customers capture a truly magnificent Finish! ….be it Solid Wood or Materials such as Quartz, Marble, Granite and Dekton. Most of these options are suitable for Worktops, Islands Floors & Walls.

We must never forget that we are not just known for our Kitchen Excellence – Our solutions extend to Bathrooms, Shower rooms & Bedrooms. All our principles, Solutions and skills of Design transfer effortlessly to the different rooms. Our wise knowledge is shared in the process to provide only the best in product choice and design.

Come and see us at our showroom in Hull … and see for yourself why we are so popular!

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